How does Bloom work?
Imagine you're a bee discovering a delicious bloom. To share the lovely taste with other bees, you place a so called bloom on the map. With a bloom you describe whats happening there and how long it will last. Now other bees can find their way to enjoy your bloom. No one can see who else is there. They can only see if it's a big swarm enjoying a field of flowers or a hidden lily looking for attention. All of that works automatically and anonymously.

Can i bloom everything?
No! A bloom should be unique and accessible to all. For example: flea markets, cool parties, open airs, openings, pop ups..everything that happens now and is worth spreading.

field = no bloom
field with techno = bloom

vintage shop = no bloom
vintage pop-up market = bloom

exhibition = bloom
exhibition with free drinks = bloooooom

car wash = no bloom
car wash with djs and burger bar = bloom

hanging around at the park = no bloom
doing open yoga classes in the park = bloom


What information is necessary?
Descripe whats going on with hard facts. For example: "A funky jazzband plays a concert in the park and somebody sells cold beer for 2€. good vibes" or "Stefanie Sargnagel reads from her new book, 3€ entry. Her mum gives away free cake." or "It's Jim's birthday. fishel rd 23. bring beer and show respect."

Bad: "i'm drinking coffee", "i'm bored", "it smells", "jim is horny". We are curating our platform and delete obvious spam and hate.

My Bloom got deleted.
Maybe you violated our guidlines or you got reported by other users. Please refer to the question above for details. It could also happen that there was already another bloom with better content at the same location and event. It could also happen that we delete blooms which are outdated and not visited anymore. Make sure that you always set the time right.

Am i anonymous?
To keep bloom clean of fake users and spammers, we use an authetification via your facebook account or telephone number. We only request access to information we directly need: your profile pic and facebook name. We could also google that ;) It is public anyway. With bloom you could change your profile pic and name whenever you want. Nobody can see your real facebook identity. So try something new. Maybe Donald Tramp? hum?

Can other bloomers see my location?

I can't login.
Damn. Check your internet connection and restart bloom. If that doesn't fix it, write us an email with a short description of your problem. Please also tell us your device and version of operating system.

Everything is broken.
Oh, that sounds really bad. Please write us an email with all of your problems. We'll try to help you:

Do you track me all the time?
No. For showing you what is going on at a bloom, we need to count the people at a bloom. That happens with GPS if you open the bloom app. If bloom runs in the background, we use the SLC technology, which estimates your location based on your network signal. This doesn't affect your battery and only deliveres a proximate location, if you don't move for a longer time. We do not save your location data! Or any personal information.

You can totally deactive your location service anytime. Then you are not able to see blooms anymore. Bloom works like a huge community. Sharing is caring. #emule #limewire #napster #frostwire

This app is fck* sh**!! I can only choose between "always" or "never" in my privacy settings !!1!11!!
Let me say it this way. Please refer to the answer above or delete bloom from your phone. #nohatenocry

Can everybody see my location?
No, nobody except Obama can see your location.

Can my followers see my location?

Is bloom draining my battery and internet data?
No. Bloom only transfers text data and coordinates of partys. Watching a cat video needs more data.

Do you sell my personal data?
No. We don't have any personal data of you, honey.

How do you make money then?
Seriously, we don't know yet. We do art and partys and no boring finance stuff. You can help us by spreading the idea or buying us a beer.

Can i bloom my event in advance?
No. Check out 10000 other sites for event planning. We do not plan, we start it right now.

Why can i only select hours and not minutes?
Don't be picky and round up. (Or down, if you are more the negative type)

Help! My private party got bloomed. What should i do?
Be kind to your new guests and serve em beer if they don't brought one.
Book some help for cleaning up tomorrow. 
If you have to work tomorrow, forget it. You also have the chance to report the bloom. We will check it as soon as possible, or join your party too :P

Who is this talking to me?
Hi, we are Robin and Johannes, two young creative heads from Vienna (Austria, Europe). We love partys and sleeping till noon. pic? ok.

Can i be like you?
Sure. Write us an email to: (or johannes)

My location is inaccurate.
Make sure that your GPS or location service is enabled. You can also active wifi. That will help locating you. Location services won't work in your cellar or canalization. Too bad. Both worth partying.

Can i place my ads in your app?
Back off, get young again and ask yourself if you want that lame banner on your rocking horse.

Why is bloom not working on my windows phone?
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Are you single?

I hate bloom.
Don't worry. God loves you anyway.

I read through all the answers !
Then you should definitely see this.